Why become a member?

The New Zealand Timber Industry Federation has had many proud achievements in its 100 year history but most importantly it has fostered a special fraternity of committed members and a culture of cooperation, mutual encouragement and friendship.

Not all the benefits of membership of the Federation are immediately recognizable. A lot goes on “behind the scenes” which is not obviously apparent at times.

But it is suprising how regularly issues which have huge ramifications for the industry seem to emerge. Somebody has to deal with this business! And on every occasion the NZTIF has “put its hand up” to address these issues and achieve the best possible results for its members and the industry as a whole. What the NZTIF asks for in return is broad member support; not just in moments of crisis but over the long term.

  • Setting up a group sawmill chip supply consortium for the benefit of participants
  • Developing a manual for timber grading and packaging of timber
  • Initiating export activities the latest of which is the 100% New Zealand Pine promotion
  • Developing a wood processing machinery expo.
  • Developing an independent verification programme for structural timber that will prevent the wholesale downgrade of visually graded structural lumber and also provide a check on machine stress graded lumber.
  • Establishing a venture capital fund for developing new products.