For nearly 100 years the New Zealand Timber Industry has been the loyal servant of New Zealand’s sawmilling industry. The NZTIF has been a global champion for New Zealand timber and works tirelessly to ensure the domestic sawmilling industry can continue to produce top quality and environmentally superior wood products.

Industry News

Building consents surge 5 per cent in October

The number of new homes being approved rose by 5 per cent in October, but is still down from a July surge in building consents.

Statistics New Zealand released the latest figures for residential building consents this morning that show 2,349 new dwellings were consented, nearly three-quarters of them new houses.

The trend for the number of new dwellings consented in Auckland is at its highest level since December 2004, and its partly due to a growth in the consents for new apartments.

There were 804 new dwellings approved in Auckland in October, an increase of 214 from October 2014.

Two nearby regions…

All of Government Procurement Project Building Materials – Sawn Timber

Submission to Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

This submission from The New Zealand Timber Industry Federation (NZTIF) provides background information, discussion, comments, and recommendations regarding the All of Government (AoG) procurement project as it relates to building materials and in particular sawn timber.

Current Work Programmes

Weighing shipping container consignments

On the 1st July 2016, Maritime New Zealand will be implementing the amendments to Chapter VI of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) that will require all export containers to have a verified weight.

The SOLAS amendments will require shippers to provide a verified weight in the shipping documents. These changes were made due to unbalanced placement of containers on ships because of unverified weights causing safety issues.

Maritime New Zealand is now consulting on the way these new rules will be applied.

These changes could present some challenges for timber exporters who traditionally have relied on…


Ensuring kiln-dried timber which consumers can use with confidence.


WOODmark® is the New Zealand timber industry’s registered trademark for assurance of treatment quality. Visit the NZ Timber Preservation Council website…


The Verified Timber programme ensures that structural timber meets strength and stiffness standards. Visit the dedicated website…

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