Residential Construction Sector Market Study – Submission by NZTIF

6 November 2014

This submission from the New Zealand Timber Industry Federation outlines cost savings of around $1,000 – $1,500 that could be achieved for a typical 180m2 home by using alternative grades of timber that cost less than the grade commonly used at present. The reasons why these savings are not currently being attained have been identified as product specification barriers and lack of allowable substitution, and the layout of NZS 3604 Timber Framed Construction not requiring Specific Design.

The Federation claims that cost savings can be achieved if simpler rules and processes allowing substitution of timber grades within a design are permitted so long as relevant performance standards are complied with. Furthermore, this submission recommends that the layout of NZS 3604 be amended by moving tables for alternative grades including lower cost SG6 grade timber from the appendices to the main sections of the document.