Lumber Exports Surge

9 January 2012

Up 26%on last year the last four months have seen lumber exports bounce strongly.

57% of the increase is to Asia but 31.5% is to some newish markets (Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands and Samoa) which is encouraging.

The 7% lift to Australia has been all about currency with volumes treading water.

June quarter sawmill production was pulled along hinting at a significant recovery.

The recent lags in the exchange rate however is likely to have blunted this early spring growth – September month export sales were back to a much more subdued 6.9% above last year.

Some interesting “new arrivals” in the stats were shipments to Samoa (2,700 m2 in June/July), Saudi Arabia (11,600m3 in August) and the Netherlands (+ 5,700 m3), which is a bit of a trade secret