Exciting New NZTIF Timber Promotion Under Way in China

9 January 2012

Capitalising on the extraordinary growth in timber demand from China NZTIF has, after three months of intensive research, initiated a programme which will rival the very successful new market programmes we executed in Australia (treated pine) and the US.

In-market representatives have been appointed and high level discussions on regulatory issues are proceeding with Chinese government representatives.

Substantial business enquiry has already been received and plans for the in-market programme launch will be released early in the New Year.

A confidential briefing for NZTIF members is also planned for the New Year.

The NZTIF board approved the programme at its December meeting.

Executive Director, Wayne Coffey, said that this was the most exciting project he had ever been involved with in his 27 years at NZTIF. “This project could well be an important part of the recovery of our industry by lifting our product into higher yielding markets in China. It will stand or fall on the quality of the relationships we build. To date I cannot say how impressed I have been by the passion, commitment and hard work of the people we are dealing with . This thing has to fly”